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2807 Dark Cir, Durham, NC   



Thanks for Planning Your Visit We're Excited to Meet You!

What to Expect?

As soon as you pull up on the property you will be greeted by a parking attendant instructing you where to park. Parking assistance is available from 10:45 to 11:15am.

You will enter the building and be greeted by our team of greeters anxiously awaiting your arrival. You will be then be seated to enjoy the service. The flow of service is quite simple: Worship, Welcome & Offering, Announcements, an impactful sermon by Pastor John and then we conclude in prayer.  ** Please note, we are always open to any way God decides to move in the service, we love it when God takes over... people may lift the hands, cry tears of joy, and even occasionally dance as they are impacted by God's presence. So don't be nervous, its the norm.

What about My Kids?

Kids are one of our top priorities as we grow as a ministry. As of March of 2023 we began remodeling the lower lever of our facility to accommodate the growing number of Children. Until we complete this project your kids will be sitting with you. Feel free to bring something quiet that entertains them during service. We plan to start children's ministry with ages 3 to 8 in May of 2023 with plans to include more age groups in the near future.

What to Wear?

Getting prepared to come to a new Church can be nerve wrecking. The good news is, at Triumphant Church we have made it easy. Our "wear what you feel" culture allows for everyone to feel comfortable during our services. You will see everything from jeans and t-shirts to full suits and dresses. Its totally up to you. We're just glad you're coming. 

How Long will I be there?

Our Sunday services start at 11:00am and end around 12:45pm. Our high energy heart felt worship services will truly be the best 1 hour and 45 minutes of your week. However, please be warned, you are about to encounter some of the most friendly people you have ever met, so don't be surprised if you find yourself talking for a few minutes after service with someone you met that day.

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